Ever-Brite PF100

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Ever-Brite PF100  

Visible at 100 feet, the safe, reliable Ever-Brite® PF100 Exit Sign is the preferred, energy-savings choice for commercial buildings, small to midsize retailers, schools and universities, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Leading the industry in zero energy egress systems, Ever-Brite® PF100 Exit Signs use the latest photoluminescent technology to absorb and store ambient light. During an emergency blackout or smoky conditions, this stored energy is immediately visible, reducing the risk of panic or injury during an emergency evacuation while also reducing energy and maintenance costs.

Ever-Brite PF100 Benefits & Features

• Zero energy consumption- zero cost, green design

• Zero maintenance- no bulbs, no battery replacement

• Can be charged with LED light

• Non-toxic, non-radioactive

• No disposal costs

• Designed for surface flag, ceiling or conduit mounting

• Can be used for both high-level and low-level applications

• Easily movable if egress path changes

• Thin, low profile construction

• Consistent, uniform illumination

• 100 ft. rated, visibility, readability

• Recyclable

• LEED point contributor



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