P50 Acrylic

Mule Lighting - Exit Signs - Tritium & Photoluminescent -P50 Acrylic


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P50 Acrylic  

Mule Lighting’s P50 Exit signs are now available in acrylic and aluminum frames, to provide a more formal, front office look. Ever-Brite® photoluminescent signs are the intrinsically safe, zero energy, environmentally friendly solution for marking your emergency evacuation routes. Engineered with photoluminescent material that absorbs and stores LED, fluorescent, metal halide or mercury vapor light, Ever-Brite® signs create clear, brightly glowing egress pathways

P50 Acrylic Benefits & Features

• Requires no additional electricity to operate

• Can be used for both high -level and low-level applications

• Requires virtually no maintenance, periodic inspections, for 25+ years

• Thin, low profile construction

• Reliability

• Non-toxic, non-radioactive

• Low-cost, easy installation

• Designed for surface, flag or ceiling mounting

• Consistent, uniform illumination

• Visible at 50 feet

• Saves on energy cost



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