..... Mule Lighting - CEPS-25W

CEPS-25W Description

The CEPS-25W of micro inverters is an easy solution for emergency power needs. Designed with Mule Lighting advanced Pure Sine Wave technology, the micro inverters provide direct AC power and full illumination to lighting sources including LED and fluorescent. With an ultra-wide .5 lead to .5 lag load power factor range, Mule inverters offer unmatched compatibility, allowing existing fixtures to be used for both normal operation and emergency lighting without affecting the aesthetic design of the space.

CEPS-25W Benefits and Features

• PWM/MOSFET Pure Sine Wave inverter technology
• Self-testing and self-diagnostics
• Compatible with LED and Fluorescent light sources
• Ultra-wide power factor range from .5 leading to .5 lagging
• 5-Year warranty on all parts including batteries
• Compact design can be mounted in any direction
• Remote Mount – No distance limitations depending on wattage and wire selected

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