CEPS-E & CEPS-IE Inverter

..... Mule Lighting - CEPS-E & CEPS-IE Inverter

CEPS-E & CEPS-IE Inverter Description

These CEPS-E and CEPS-IE units has PWM/IGBT Technology and a Micro-Processor Control. This unit is user programmable with password protection. It is perfect for space-saving and includes a single cabinet design.

CEPS-E & CEPS-IE Inverter Benefits and Features

• 98% Efficient (Typical)
• PWM/IGBT Technology
• Micro-Processor Control
• User Programmable with Password Protection
• UL 924 Listed
• Automatic Event, Test and Alarm Log
• RS232 Communications Port
• Input Circuit Breaker
• 2ms Transfer Time
• Low Audible Noise
• Space-Saving, Single Cabinet Design
• 65kAIC Withstand Rating

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