Covert Series-CVT-LED

..... Mule Lighting - Covert Series-CVT-LED

Covert Series-CVT-LED Description

Fully Recessed LED Emergency Light

Recessed and practically invisible in normal mode, the COVERT blends effortlessly into a building environment and outperforms most other emergency lighting. The ultimate blend of form and function.

Covert Series-CVT-LED Benefits and Features

• Following AC power failure, cover doors open instantly and provide emergency lighting to area required, with automatic retraction when AC power is restored
• Cover doors may be color matched, textured, or even wallpapered to match any interior finish, When closed in normal mode, the unit is almost invisible
• Universal Wall or Ceiling mount
• Doors are operated automatically using a spring and solenoid with magnetic latch for years of worry-free operation
• Flush fitting covers feature internal reflective surfaces to maximize light output
• No unauthorized access to lamp heads prevents tampering

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