Ever-Brite PF50

..... Mule Lighting - Ever-Brite PF50

Ever-Brite PF50 Description

The Ever-Brite 7000 Series PF50 Exit Sign has zero energy consumption, zero maintenance, and no disposal cost. This exit is suitable for floor proximity installation and can be designed for surface, flag, ceiling or conduit mounting. It is 50 feet rated, with visibility and readability.


Ever-Brite PF50 Benefits and Features

• Zero energy consumption – zero cost, green design
• Zero maintenance – no bulbs, no battery replacement
• Non-toxic, non-radioactive
• No disposal cost
• Designed for surface, flag, ceiling or conduit mounting
• Can be used for both high-level and low-level applications
• Movable if egress paths change
• Thin, low profile construction
• Consistent, uniform illumination
• 50 feet rated, visibility, readability
• Recyclable
• LEED points qualified

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