Mule Lighting - HDZ UNIT

HDZ UNIT Description

The HDZ is configured with 120/277V input with solid state charging circuitry. Standard features include low voltage disconnect, AC lockout and brownout protection. The HDZ housings are constructed from corrosion resistant, copper-free cast aluminum. The quick access hread on cover allows for trouble-free installation and reduces general maintenance time. A one-way stainless breather provides proper and effective unit ventilation. External mounting feet provide for simple and secure installations.

HDZ UNIT Benefits and Features

Location Code / Designation

Class I, Division 1, Group B C1D1GB

Class I, Division 1, Group C & D C1D1GCD

Class I, Division 2, Group B, C & D C1D2GBCD

Class II, Division 1, Group E,F & G C2D1GEFG

Class II, Division 2, Group E,F & G C2D2GEFG

Class III, Divisions 1 & 2 C3D12

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