LX Series

Mule Lighting - LX Series

LX Series Description

The LX is configured with 120/277V input and a high-efficiency two stage charger providing precise float voltage control with low voltage disconnect protection. All components used in the circuitry are temperature compensated. Charger status is easily determined via a dual diagnostic LED display. Standard features include low voltage disconnect, AC lockout and brownout protection.

LX Series Benefits and Features

The LX is supplied with two (2) top mounted LR PAR36 style 9W heads. Optional heads available include the SR PAR18 style heads or the MRB white steel heads utilizing MR16 lamps. Lamp heads can be mounted either on the top or on the sides of the unit allow- ing for up to five (5) heads to be mounted on the largest units (3 top, 2 side).

The lamp head styles are constructed of high impact thermoplastic in a color matching the finish of the cabinet (white is standard). Both head types feature a unique twist locking collar that securely holds the lens and facilitates quick and easy re-lamping.

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