..... Mule Lighting - ML-ATX-HE

ML-ATX-HE Description

The ML-ATX-HE is constructed from durable extruded aluminum. Standard with a white powder coat finish, also available in custom finishes (please specify). Single, double or universal face version must be specified. Universal mounting pattern and key hole slots are stamped into the back plate. Removable chevrons are standard. The self-powered version comes standard with an external LED status indicator and test switch.

ML-ATX-HE Benefits and Features

BATTERY: The ML-ATX-HE SA is designed with a main- tenance free, Nickel-Cadmium battery providing a minimum emergency duration of 90 minutes. An operation- al 120 minute Ni-Cad battery is available. Recharge time of the battery is twenty-four (24) hours. The maximum battery working temperature is 45°C.

CIRCUIT: The ML-ATX-HE is configured with high-out- put, high-efficiency LED’s. Standard with 120/277V input. All LED versions consume 2W or less nominal power.

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