..... Mule Lighting - ML-ATX-RE

ML-ATX-RE Description

The ML-ATX RECESSED series of commercial aluminum face exit signs featuring an in-wall installation provide a clean and architecturally pleasing appearance. Ideal for commercial and
institutional installations, this recessed fixture blends perfectly with current interior decors. ML-ATX RECESSED exits configured
for AC/DC operation feature a universal DC input; 6VDC –
24VDC backup voltages are standard. The ML-ATX RECESSED is available configured with high-output LEDs in AC only, AC/DC and selfpowered operation versions.

ML-ATX-RE Benefits and Features

The Mule auto-test system automatically performs one 5 minute
discharge test monthly and every 6 months it performs two 30
minute discharge tests, 24 hours apart. This tests both full battery capacity and recharge capability, as required by the fire code. The information is communicated simply and intuitively to maintenance personnel via a single multi-colour LED. No need to memorize complex indicator protocols. No confusing array of multiple, same coloured LEDs that can be difficult to read from floor level.

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