..... Mule Lighting - ML-CYC-HE

ML-CYC-HE Description

The ML-CYC-HE cylindrical housing is constructed as a single piece from extruded aluminum. The canopy is made from durable die-cast aluminum and the end caps from machined aluminum. The high clarity acrylic face plate is available in both single face or double face versions, with a clear, white or mirrored background (please specify). Field adjustable chevrons are standard. White, baked powder coat finish is standard on all versions. Available in custom colors and finishes (please specify). External LED monitor light and test switch are standard on self-powered versions.

ML-CYC-HE Benefits and Features

The ML-CYC-HE uses cutting edge technology and style. The one-piece cylindrical housing is extremely rigid and holds all of the LED circuitry in precision formed mounting channels. Indirect LED illumination lights the acrylic face with crisp, even light. The clear area of the ultra thin face plate virtually disappears once installed. Clear, white, mirrored or self-luminous backgrounds allow the ML-CYC-HE to be best matched to the decor. A wide variety of finishes and mounting configurations available will ensure that the ML-CYC-HE can be suited to your installation.

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