..... Mule Lighting - PATRIOT HZ SERIES – C1D2

PATRIOT HZ SERIES – C1D2 Description

The Patriot HZ UNIT has been designed to perform in applications where the environment would punish any standard unit. The standard lead acid battery or optional nickel cadmium battery provides a minimum emergency duration of 90 minutes. The solid state, high efficiency, dual rate charger provides precise float voltage control and low voltage disconnect protection.PTR

PATRIOT HZ SERIES – C1D2 Benefits and Features

The Patriot HZ is a hazardous rated industrial emergency unit that is offered in 6V and 12V configurations. Features a hazardous approved conduit fitting.

Housing: Fully gasketed die-cast aluminum construction with an impact resistant polycarbonate lens. Stainless steel mounting feet and hardware.

Lamps: MR16 or optional MR16 LED lamps provide reliability and performance with up to 70 foot spacing on center.

Installation: The Patriot HZ UNIT can be surface wall or ceiling mounted. The Patriot HZ UNIT is approved for use in Class 1 Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D; Class 2 Divisions 1 & 2, Groups E, F, G: T coded T4a, T3B, T3a, T2d, T2a, or T1.

Applications: The Patriot HZ UNIT is ideal for industrial refridgeration, bottling facilities, rendering plants, refineries, gasoline storage, dry cleaning plants, spray finishing areas, aircrast hangars, fuel servicing areas, hazardous areas and food service areas.

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