..... Mule Lighting - REM-800-HO

REM-800-HO Description

REM-800-HO is a recessed LED emergency light with two adjustable lamp heads. Remote capability with additional battery and a self-diagnostic function are available as options. In case of power loss, the emergency light provides at minimum 90 minutes of illumination at full charge. The REM-800-HO is recessed into the ceiling, and its sleek design, discreet lamp heads, and quality performance make it ideal for any application requiring long-lasting, easy- to-maintain emergency lighting.

REM-800-HO Benefits and Features

When completely charged, supplies emergency power for 90 minutes. 24-hour charge time until fully charged. Equipped with a high-temperature long-life Ni-MH 3.6V 2500mAh battery, which can carry up to 2-3 times the capacity of Ni-Cad batteries of the same size.

Standard model LED lamp head 2.5W, deliver 400lm dimensions

30┬░ beam angle, adjustable lamp head for finding the ideal position needed for any environment requiring emergency lighting.

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