..... Mule Lighting - WAVE-RIDER IV-HYBRID


The Wave Rider IV is the ultimate Central lighting solution – providing uninterrupted power and protection against noise, lightning, and leakage current.

WAVE-RIDER IV-HYBRID Benefits and Features

• Automatic monthly and annual self testing
• Multiple design configurations
• True Galvanic isolation design
• Designed to protect against a floating neutral
• Advanced digital signal processing
• Modular design for ease of troubleshooting and maintenance
• Redundant Multi-CPU design allows the software and hardware to work together as a team
• The most intelligent and safe battery test circuitry available today
• Individualized inverter support on each phase
• Intelligent, fully temperature compensated battery charger
• Hi-Tech fan speed control
• Optimum design for heat dissipation
• Battery Power start feature
• A selection of optional accessories to meet your particular needs are available:
• 3-Phase PC monitoring software
• Battery monitoring module
• 3-Phase SNMP card
• Input harmonic filter – reduces T.H.D. (Total Harmonic Distortion) of the input current

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