..... Mule Lighting - WLMX-C

WLMX-C Description

Internal: The WLMX-C is the newest addition to our series. The
WLMX Combo features performance and reliability in a compact
and attractive unit. The WLMX-C has dual input 120/277V and
uses a rechargeable, maintenance free Ni-Cd battery. The circuit
board features an onboard solid state transformer, low voltage
disconnect and brownout protection. Available in either red or
green LEDs consuming less than 2W.
External: The WLMX-C is UL924 listed for wet location and is
constructed from high impact corrosion resistant, thermoplastic.
The UV resistant polycarbonate faceplate has an integrated gasket to ensure ingress protection. The WLMX-C includes two sealed and gasketed 3.6V, 1.17W weatherproof heads. Removable chevrons allow for on-site selection. The WLMX-C comes standard in white. Integrated test switch/monitor LED gives immediate unit status.

WLMX-C Benefits and Features

Two fully adjustable LED heads ensure emergency lighting
performance, accurate positioning and reduced maintenance.
Each emergency head totals 1.17W. WLMX-C is remote
capable and can operate 2, single head remotes or 1 double head remote. Max load per unit: 3W. Remote heads are available.

The WLMX-C is designed to operate on battery power in the
event of regular / mains power failure. Both the battery and
charger are completely contained within the standard sign.
There are no external components and no alteration made to
the external dimensions of the standard sign. Status is easily
determined via an LED that indicates AC- ON. A push button
test switch allows maintenance personnel to quickly confirm
the operational status of the exit at any time.

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