WR-3 Three Phase Inverter

..... Mule Lighting - WR-3 Three Phase Inverter

WR-3 Three Phase Inverter Description

10,000 Watts – 50,000 Watts

The Wave Rider III incorporates state of the art technology with PWM (Pulse Width Modulated), double conversion design for emergency lighting applications. The Wave Rider is always online, eliminating noise, spikes, sags and brownouts. When utility power fails, the Inverter provides uninterrupted output power to the emergency lighting circuits, in compliance with UL924 Life Safety Code for 90 minutes of egress illumination. The Wave Rider is the best design solution for emergency lighting power for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

WR-3 Three Phase Inverter Benefits and Features

• Double Conversion, “no-break” online system powers all lamp types, including HID.
• Latest technology microprocessor controlled electronics with PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) design for true Sine Wave output.
• Automatically tests every 30 days and 12 months.
• 90% Efficiency
• Continuous self-diagnostic and self-testing system.
• LCD backlit panel for comprehensive monitoring of power line conditions and Inverter status.
• RS232 and RS485 Ports
• Optional remote monitoring, including the advanced Global Monitoring System (GMS)
• Sealed maintenance-free lead calcium batteries with 10 year prorata warranty.
• Battery Exerciser
• Modular cabinet design for ease of installation, small footprint with shallow 18″ depth,convenient front access. Stackable with optional bracket.
• Generator Compatible

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