C Series

..... Mule Lighting - C Series

C Series Description

Recessed T-bar Emergency Light
The C Series Emergency Light unit is easy to install and unobtrusive. This recessed fixture is designed for use in drop-panel ceilings and blends in to make it ideal for office and restaurant environments. Perfect for locations where there is limited wall space and where the greater directional flexibility of ceiling mounted heads is necessary to provide a wider light distribution.

C Series Benefits and Features

• Completely self-contained
• Sealed maintenance-free lead calcium batteries (calcium or pure lead)
• Provides a minimum emergency duration of 90 minutes
• Standard with 9 watt tungsten lamps
• 120/277 volt selectable input
• Low voltage disconnect
• Brownout protection
• 100% solid state charger
• Sealed relay
• Push-to-test switch
• LED indicator light
• Simplified drop-in mounting
• Matte white finish standard
• Certified by ETL

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